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We've been hard at work developing a solution for you... the customers... the easily shop for rugs. We're proud to announce and introduce you to our newest project...

We are excited to bring our brick and mortar know-how into the world of eCommerce. Our special software makes sure we are the lowest price in the country, and even knows which rugs are in stock and ready to drop-ship directly from the manufacturers. All rugs ship for free, and now we are running an extra 10% off all orders, with the discount automatically applied in the checkout cart!

Since the site launched, we've been selling rugs all over the country and our customers have been telling us how happy they are that they can now get our exclusive discounts on rugs, no matter where they are located. Everything works fast and easily, and returns are simple. There are over 50,000 items listed on the site, so there is sure to be a rug for you!

Check out now!

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